Tuition Refund Protection


  This is a derivative form of "time element–loss of business income" insurance.


A supportive risk management tool for covering an ESSENTIAL INCOME STREAM.   When student withdrawals occur, they adversely affect a school's balance sheet.  When tuition paid in advance is refunded, or unpaid tuition obligations are canceled, the result is a loss of planned income.


Tuition contracts generally obligate the responsible party for full or partial tuition costs, whether the student completes a full term or not.  Strict adherence to this policy may place the organization in a difficult position, as student withdrawals are quite often the result of family hardship.  With this tool, schools are empowered to refund tuition and fees in the event of tragedy (e.g. death of a student), reversal of fortune (e.g. unemployment of tuition payer), change in circumstances (e.g. relocation), or even academic/disciplinary dismissal, with the knowledge that they will be promptly reimbursed.     


Tuition Refunding is insurance written to PROTECT INCOME - and its application effectively eliminates much of the financial burden faced by the organization when students are forced to withdraw prior to completion of an agreed upon term, and tuition is lost.  To go one step further, the school’s own internal tuition refund policy may be well conceived around fully-insured events... and then positively expressed in its tuition and/or room & board contracts.



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Function & Purpose is to protect STUDENT investments in higher education. 


NorthStar places insurance to cover up to 100% of tuition, room & board,  and fees - when these important investments have potential to be lost due to a specified covered event, a medical withdrawal, mental health condition, and others. 


Perhaps you should consider protecting your hard-earned investment in tuition ?  Tuition insurance does just that.



Covered Events.   The combination of potentially poor eating habits, lack of adequate sleep, and even stress can leave college students with a less effective immune system... which in turn, makes a person more susceptible to illness.  Tuition Refunding can help your family by protecting tuition monies from a necessary withdrawal when it comes from a covered medical reason.


Medical reasons for withdrawal, which in any combination may be covered events, are listed here and inclusive of:  up to 100% of covered tuition and fees due to a medically necessary withdrawal; mental or nervous health condition withdrawal; death of the tuition payer; death of the student.


This significant investment can be protected with Tuition Refunding - should you be injured; develop an unexpected illness; or suffer from a mental health condition.  You can protect what you have invested in tuition, academic fees, and other eligible education expenses.  This is significant financial risk.  The good news is that there is an economical and efficient way to reduce it and eliminate the majority of it.


In addition to what has already been discussed, most any kind of an "event" may be eligible for cover.  Just a few examples include academic or disciplinary dismissals, involuntary unemployment and job transfer of the tuition payer.  As always, refer to the policy for complete descriptions of coverage.



Regarding the Pricing of Tuition Insurance.   Truly, there is no “right" amount of insurance to cover tuition.  It varies from person to person and family to family.  Be sure to give thought to out-of-pocket costs which you can handle on your own - before choosing a Tuition Refunding coverage level.  Consider each investment you have made which is part of attending college or university that you and your family could lose if you were forced to withdraw - whether in the form of fees, room, board, tuition, and/or books.  Take note too that coverage levels can, and most likely will, vary by school.



The Better Way to Purchase Tuition Protection.   This form of insurance may be purchased through your school (K-12, college and university).  To see if your school is already offering tuition protection, ask them... Or, simply contact  us:  by Email / or by Telephone 888.287.9657.