LifeLine® Asset
Pathway to Asset Creation & Acquisition

         Understanding how to LEVERAGE and maximize INSURABILITY ~

a significant and "free" asset on our personal balance sheets... For those who take time to understand it, many find it has the potential to add significantly to their NET WORTH.


There is a vital part of wealth maximization involving leveraging and administering assets efficiently.  We frequently find that most individuals completely overlook their insurability, which is generally an unrealized and considerable asset, which if managed effectively, may be employed to significantly increase net worth.


A person's insurability is the total amount of insurance that he or she is "allowed" to acquire. It is a valuable asset, made available by the insurance industry and, in most cases, it is approximately equal to your net worth, or some multiple of it.  In the past, individuals have only considered their insurability when purchasing insurance policies intended to provide security for their families and beneficiaries. 

However, financial and insurance technologies have combined to provide an environment where certain individuals have the ability to access the purchase of this particular asset and have the option to leverage its purchase. This insurability position allows persons the opportunity to improve their financial situation with modest out-of-pocket costs to themselves and their families, as well as to their estates.

NorthStar's LifeLine
® Asset taps into insurability  by coupling those who qualify for a potentially profitable INSURANCE ASSET, together with specificallysuited capital resources.  This leverage is frequently utilized when cash is tied up in non-liquid investments, real estate, and other assets which are not easily converted to cash – and when it is the wishes of the to-be-insured person not to liquidate assets.


Ns L2015/ed.32.5_(v)2

STOLI Practices : Our Position


NorthStar Companies is opposed to the issuance and financing of Investor Owned Life Insurance (IOLI), Investor Initiated Life Insurance (IILI) or Stranger Owned Life Insurance (STOLI).  It is our policy that all persons obtaining a contract through NorthStar Programs must meet the following criteria:  1) have a bona fide need for the insurance; 2) have decided to procure insurance coverage on own initiative; and 3) have had sufficient time to thoroughly and carefully analyze, discuss, evaluate, and receive advice with respect to acquiring the insurance.


Additionally, insured persons participating in our programs shall not receive any inducement or consideration relating to their purchase of insurance.


Lastly, we do not take an ownership position in any insurance we provide, or assist to provide.  On our watch, no other person or entity shall have an ownership interest in an insurance policy contract either, unless such person or entity has a valid insurable interest.