SBA Loan Program Requirements


Where necessary, we effect insurance placements for Borrowers and Lenders, providing life solutions for SBA Loans.  With our “Business Bank” life program, we can get significant amounts of life insurance in force quickly.


Life and disability insurance. “Life insurance and/or disability insurance is not required for all loans, but the Lender should require life or disability insurance where there is any concern over whether the business could survive in the absence of an individual or small group of individuals that provide the management for the small business concern.  When life or disability insurance is deemed prudent, the Lender may accept a COLLATERAL ASSIGNMENT of an existing or new life insurance policy.  LENDER SHOULD NOT BE NAMED AS A BENEFICIARY.”


“Prior to initial disbursement, the Lender must ensure that the Borrower has obtained appropriate insurance coverage. The Lender also must ensure that the insurance remains in effect for the life of the loan.” The Small Business Administration (SBA), SOP 50 10 5 (B).



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Business Succession
SBA Loan Requirements
Estate + Expenses


Succession Planning & Structure


If your ongoing business is the foundation of your wealth and family security, preparing for the inevitable transfer of ownership and management is vital.  Without a well thought out succession plan, a significantly negative monetary impact could be one of the consequences.  A proper succession plan incorporates both your family objectives and your business concerns:


Proper planning for transfer of wealth;


Leadership succession;


Creating & funding buy/sell agreements;


Tax minimization strategies;


Structuring for potential/future sale.



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