Medical Professional Liability

Malpractice Insurance for Physicians & Surgeons

ALL Medical Specialties, ALL States



While you are taking care of your patients,

who is taking care of you ? 

NorthStar offers professional liability protection

with Waiver of Premium...


Malpractice coverage for physicians & surgeons done right.


And, we have a specialty focus on cover for physicians & surgeons who may ever have had a problem, and / or who may presently have certain characteristics, such as: a history of claims; probationary status; or, for that matter, any other issues.


We can help - aggressively answering the challenge to produce solutions that work.


Our MedPro underwriting team is especially talented, making professional liability insurance risk placements with financially strong, competitively priced, specialized insurance carriers.  Importantly, these insurers have made long-term commitments to this field of endeavor.


To speak with an experienced member of our staff, please contact us when the time is right.

Noteworthy Considerations:


  • Tailor-made insuring agreements for YOUR specific practice

  • Claims-made and occurrence forms / sub limits

  • Extended reporting coverage / prior acts / "tail"

  • Deductible options / self-insured retentions

  • Claim services tailored to the unique needs of YOUR practice

  • Consent to settle clause option ~ assuring your input & awareness of any settlements before they occur

  • Ancillary / allied personnel coverage availability

  • Stable & committed insurers in this area of specialized cover

  • Availability ~ ALL medical specialties, in ALL states

Professional Liability and What to Look For.   It is highly recommended that professionals consider policies designed specifically for their own specialty. 


Essential Elements of Coverage:


  •  Pays on behalf of YOU ~ for attorney fees and other defense costs, in addition to your available policy contract limits;

  •  Inclusive of claim settlements, awards, and court costs;

  •  Reimbursement for licensing board issues.


FYI It is possible that YOU will someday need liability protection for more than an employer can offer.  Most hospitals and employers have a liability plan covering claims as they are made.  This type of coverage is referred to as “claims-made”, and customarily means a physician is covered, but only while working for the employer providing the insurance plan.  What then if a patient should make a claim a couple of years after you make a move, changing hospitals or employers ?  In such an event, you likely will find there is no insurance to protect you.  When it makes sense to do so, and is readily available, NorthStar designs plans to address such dilemmas, providing cover without regard to when a claim is filed.


NS/Ed. 121.74