Credit Life Insurance ~ Definition.   A life insurance policy designed to pay off a borrower's debt if that borrower dies. The face value of a credit life insurance policy may be designed to float proportionately with an outstanding loan balance, as the loan is paid off over time until both reach zero value.

  Credit Life Insurance ~ Explanation.   Credit life insurance can protect a person's dependents. It may also be required by some lenders; therefore, it is important to read the fine print of any loan agreement to determine whether credit life insurance is required.

  Debt Cancellation Contract ~ Description.   A contract in which a creditor agrees to cancel all or part of a customer's obligation to repay a loan/obligation due to an event such as death, disability or involuntary loss of employment. A debt cancellation contract is an alternative to a life insurance plan.

Protecting tuition & fees

to help students stay in school.


NorthStar "Tuition Insure" is Group Protection

from Life Events

Created to Benefit Student Families


  • EDUCATION obligations, whether for tuition, fees, and/or room & board  housing-related obligations;

  • Contractual agreements and resulting obligations.


Protection is most often arranged for the event of death of the tuition payer. And, it's important to note that disability & involuntary unemployment, are among the additional Covered Causes of Loss ("Life Events") which may be included to assure the fulfillment and completion of tuition contracts. 


With the involvement of a TUITION MANAGEMENT professional organization, Group Coverage as a Purchasing Group, with all its advantages is available to protect tuition and fees for both K-12 & higher education.  Plus, student families who have paid tuition and fees in advance, or who are on a single pay plan, may also join the group.  And lastly, it's possible to cover tuition only, without also protecting fees.




Everyone who is not yet 70 years of age may be included in this group, and there are no health questions to [potentially] disqualify a person.  Moreover, this NorthStar Group Program has no limiting conditions or exclusions none.


If you're looking for a program similar to this one, choose wisely... because restrictive conditions, exclusions, and health underwriting are the norm in this particular segment.


Since 1991, NorthStar has been developer & administrator of PG - Group Programs.



 Conditions. Definitions.


   Benefit Amount. Conditions.   The benefit amount may apply to most executed tuition or housing agreements and all benefit payments are then triggered upon occurrence of a covered event (the "covered cause") experienced by the Responsible Party. The benefit amount payable is generally the outstanding balance owed to a student's educational institution, whether for tuition, fees, and/or housing, as stipulated within an agreement.  And, this benefit amount may be paid directly to the appropriate party, or educational institution, as agreed upon and designated.


    Responsible Party means "the person who has executed the subject agreement", and maritalspousal coverage may be included.