Contractual Liability


Tuition Management and Tuition Loan Servicing

K  12 and Higher Education 



Specific Protection for Specific Concerns


        Insurance support is frequently provided for the following:

              Tuition Management and Tuition Payment Planning;

              Edu Student Loans  Originators, Servicers;

              Payment Waiver and Debt Cancellation Agreements;

              Consumer Lending  Outstanding Balance Protection;

              Additional groupings and new opportunities are continually being considered...   


Together, NorthStar Capital Risk Solutions and NorthStar Benefits provide contractual liability insurance plans for:

          Private schools and universities; student loan servicing entities; financial institutions; and multiple other entities to cover potentially lost revenue streams. The instrument put in place to accomplish this employs insurance (most typically life, disability and/or involuntary unemployment). Such payment protection plans are frequently issued to "sponsor–endorser" groups, and numerous other groups,  for the benefit of  their members; customers; and consumers  to provide cover for the continuation of recurring services.



In most cases, coverage is then triggered by the occurrence of an unforeseen event whether job loss, hospitalization, disability, loss of life, and/or other defined “life events”.   


A.M. Best has assigned a “secure” financial strength rating to NorthStar’s contractual liability insurer of “A“ (Excellent), alongside an S&P rating of "A+" (Strong), with total assets of $850,790,000 and policyholders’ surplus of $422,955,000. These ratings reflect the insurer’s solid capitalization and historically profitable operating results from its specialty businesses. The rating outlook is further and importantly based on the support of the company’s ultimate parent, with $780+ billion of total assets, and on the expectation of favorable operating results as the company focuses on its specialty products. Our insurer is licensed in the District of Columbia and ALL states.


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