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Could this be an ultimate frontier for superior healthcare delivery ?


It was Neil Armstrong and his fellow astronauts who, back in 1969, wore medical telemetry and cardiac monitoring devices during the first moon landing.  Those medical monitoring systems are very good examples of how TeleMedicine has been helping transform healthcare and quality of life for 50+ years !


These days, the use of TeleMedicine is quickly spreading and is well on its way to becoming integrated into the ongoing operations of hospitals, specialty departments, home health agencies, physicians' offices, and even into a consumer’s home and/or workplace.


         TeleMedicine Benefits:


            •  Creates value for payers, patients and providers

            •  Increased patient access

            •  Enhanced reach of healthcare services

            •  Reduced cost structure

            •  Coverage 24/7

            •  Higher customer satisfaction


TeleMedicine is the natural evolution of healthcare in our digital world and is well on its way toward becoming a multi-billion dollar industry.  And it's moving toward being quite a common rationale behind why a majority of prominent healthcare systems are utilizing it to re-make their delivery function.


"TeleMedicine" and "TeleHealth" are largely viewed to be synonymous terms and represent a wide definition of "remote healthcare".  However it is referred to, TeleMedicine greatly improves the quality, equity and affordability of healthcare. 


Look practically anywhere and you're likely to see rapidly evolving technologies dotting the landscape.  For example, cellular telephones have more power and computing capacity than many of the systems which originally went to the moon.  And, video-based undertakings are becoming more commonplace each day in hospitals and healthcare systems everywhere. Patient consultations utilizing video conferencing, transmission of still images, e-health including patient portals, remote monitoring of vital signs, continuing medical education, and nursing call centers are models of often-related applications.





 The following publications present "How TELEMEDICINE is Used to Help Keep Students in School:


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   Referenced information is from the American Telemedicine Association.