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* affinity 

 af-fin-i-ty \ ə-'fi-nə-tē

  Certain partnerships which bring distinctly sizable consumer bases together  linked by common threads:

  • a common understanding based on similar qualities or characteristics;

  • a relationship, such as belonging to a group or community of interest;

  • a causal connection, such as a transaction or event.

Each program we produce maximizes each of the several "Affinity Organization and Purchasing Group ADVANTAGES".  Among these advantages, and particularly worthy of mention, is GROUP PURCHASING POWER (BUYING POWER; COLLECTIVE BUYING POWER).


In the Marketplace...


Collective buying power involves the use of an old rule of thumb, "there's power in numbers".  Of course, this is done to leverage the size of the purchasing group, in exchange for enhancements and substantial discounts which are not available either individually or for improving the position of a smaller group.


Many different companies have used this concept to build their business plans.  Warehouse clubs (e.g. Costco, Sam's Club, etal.) function in a similar way by offering products in bulk to consumers who pay membership fees.

    Here are two good examples to illustrate this "group purchasing power" advantage and the influential impact it has on the key element of insurance pricing:


        When claim costs are spread over large numbers of participants, overall insurance charges are consequently lowered while this

        may seem obvious, the extent of these savings is quite an eye-opener;


        Plus, these "group purchasing power" advantages translate to considerably more comprehensive Coverage Terms & Conditions.


Whether your interests are enhancing benefits of membership to attract new members and retain existing ones, or gaining another competitive advantage, we're here to help you meet and exceed your objectives.  We know that the “right” program is quite capable of making meaningful contributions to your bottom line so, it's important to choose wisely.


Members, affiliates, and consumers like NorthStar Affinity Programs and, this becomes especially true because they know and trust YOU, the Program Sponsor.   When arranged and administered properly, it becomes evident that Affinity Group Programs provide a smooth and effortless way to obtain:    1) a relevant and valuable productservice;  2) a t a convenient and timely moment;  3) for a very good price.




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