About us...


          NorthStar Companies is a commercial lines insurance agency and retail brokerage; a risk management advisory service; and a life, disability & reinsurance specialty company maintaining multi-state fronting capabilities.


We're serving our clients’ needs, in all states and internationally, from our main office location in Kansas City.  In devoting all the necessary time it takes to thoroughly understand our clients' people and business operations, we’re able to create efficient, sound, cost effective insurance and risk solutions.  In turn, this best equips us to deliver on our most fundamental and essential goal of Unmatched Services and Results". 

About us...


We like the people and the companies we work with, and strive to create and build on the best possible working relationships. Our clients are intelligent, resourceful, and appreciative of the problem-solving talent and high-level results NorthStar consistently brings to the table.


The North Star (Polaris) is a constant in the sky which, for centuries, has come to assist those in search of direction. It is from this position of reliability and dependability that we approach each one of our insurance and risk management client projects.  Our business was founded on trust, constant innovation, and results.

Insurance & Reinsurance    Risk Management Specialty Services

Program Design―Implementation―Administration




Since 1991, NorthStar has been developer & administrator of PG - Group Programs.




  Student Health Insurance & Reinsurance

TeleMedicine  TeleHealth Programs  


Group coverage programs in the education community for the benefit of

primary-secondary education, higher education, and their attending students and student families.


Plus, a closer look into the new directions healthcare and health insurance are headed,

along with current conditions in this fluctuating marketplace.



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Healthcare Surges As Top Problem in the U.S.

Art Swift | Gallup Poll 


WASHINGTON, D.C. –– "Americans have become much more concerned about healthcare, with 18% naming it as the most important problem facing the U.S.  Mentions of 'healthcare' tie with mentions of 'dissatisfaction with government/poor leadership', at the top of the Most Important Problems list.  This is the highest percentage mentioning healthcare since November 2013, amid the troubled rollout of the government healthcare [insurance] exchanges."